Qatar Condemns Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria

The Hague /Information Office / 18 March 2015/ Qatar has strongly condemned the systematic use of chemical weapons and materials in Syria, welcoming the U.N. Security Council resolution 2209 (2015) that admits to the constant violation of resolution 2118 (2013) and stresses holding accountable those responsible for the use of chemicals, including chlorine, or any other toxic chemical. The resolution also extended the scope of the past resolution 2118 (2013) to include the use of chemicals. It also included the pledge of the director general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to enclose future reports of the fact-finding mission in his monthly reports to the Security Council. In a speech for HE Qatar's Ambassador to Netherlands Khalid bin Fahad Al Khater on the occasion of the 78th session of OPCW's executive council, Qatar has urged the international community to exercise utmost firmness with Syria in order to implement relevant executive council resolutions as well as Security Council resolutions 2118 (2013) and 2209 (2015). HE Al Khater underlined OPCW's efforts in disposing of Syria's chemical stockpile, expressing hope the whole weapons will be destructed and that the reports of the fact-finding committee on the use of chemical weapons will be followed up on. He added that Qatar is committed the full and effective implementation of the agreement and to achieve its goals, which contribute to the achievement of regional and international peace and security. Qatar called on non-member states to join the agreement, hoping for countries that have chemical stockpile to dispose of them in order for the agreement not to lose its credibility. Within its commitment to enhance international peace and security, HE Al Khater said, Qatar hosted this month NATO's annual conference on combating weapons of mass destruction, noting that Qatar submits on time its declarations whether in non-prohibited uses of chemicals or in assistance and protection of dangers of chemical weapons.