Embassy Services

The Consular Office

Workings times:
- The consular office opens to the public from Monday - Thursday 10:00 - 12:00  .

Documents can be collected after  three working days.

N.B   : Payment of fees only with PIN. Cash is not accepted.


Visa :


  • Official Visa


The Embassy of the State of Qatar issues usually only official visa.

Governmental or official organisations that wish to apply for an official visa should follow the following steps:

  1. Hand in a visa application form and  2 personal passport  photos .
  2. Hand in a note verbale . 
  3. Present a valid passport  for six months


Applicants of an official visa are advised to not make any hotel or flight bookings prior to receiving the visa.

For more information, please contact the Consular Department:

Tel:  +31704166666
Fax: +31704166660



  • Other visa
  1. Tourists visa :

 The Embassy of the State of Qatar does not issue tourist , transit or business visa .

      2 .  Business and visitors:

Dutch Nationals are able to acquire a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport / borders of Qatar(  the cost  is fixed at 100 QR)  for business visa. Applicants of a business visa are able  to apply through the inviting party , sponsor or business partner in Qatar . Applicants of a transit visa can apply through Qatar Airways.




1. Procedures

All documents that require legalization must be legalized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Certificates of origin must be issued by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

An invoice must always be presented together  with a certificate of origin, and vice versa.

Invoices or certificates of origin containing edible items must always be accompanied by a "Health Certificate" issued by the official Dutch authorities or by an authorized official Dutch laboratory.

The following certificates will only be accepted for legalization if they are issued from an authorized official laboratory and are accompanied by an invoice:

- Health certificates.

- Radiation certificates.

- Radioactivity certificates.

- BSE certificates.

- Dioxin certificates.

- Veterinary certificates.

- Lab certificates.

- Certificates for all edible items.

- Dutch educational degrees must by legalized by DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs) and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



2. Legalisation fees( last update 01/05/2015) :


0 1.37 0 1.35 30
1.371 4.11 1.351 4 55
4.111 13.699 4.001 13.5 135
13.7 27.397 13.501 27 245
27.398 41.096 27.001 40.5 350
41.097 68.493 40.501 67.5 485
68.494 136.986 67.501 135 595
136.987 273.973 135.001 270 810
273.974 +++ 270.001 +++ 0.4%

3. Other fees ( Last update 01/05/2015)
Certificate of origin:                                  € 40
Packing list:                                              € 40
Power of attorney:                                    € 15
Commercial contract:                               € 30
Educational degree:                                 € 6
Other Documents:                                   € 6

All payments have to be made by debit card.



Documents that require legalisation must be handed in and collected by personally attending  . It is not possible to send or receive documents by post or e-mail.

For more information, please contact the Consular Department:

Tel:  +31704166666
Fax: +31704166660